Position Desired: IT Network Support Staff

Job Description

Monitor user and system adherence to security standards


• Troubleshoots minor equipment malfunction and corrects them as directed by knowledge-based tool, IT Service Desk and/or Shift Supervisor.
• Monitor user and system adherence to security standards.
• Evaluates and tests equipment, network/software, and system tool products and submit recommendations to the shift supervisor.
• Operates and monitors divisional operating systems, platforms, network, servers and software and escalates and/or resolves exceptions in accordance with established procedure.
• Assist staff with installation, configuration and ongoing usability of desktops, laptops, peripheral equipment and software complying with given standards and guidelines.
• Escalates issues to higher level of support when needed.
• Document, track and monitor problems to ensure timely resolution.
• Sets and loads computer equipment with required items and prepares equipment for operations.
• Gathers and analyzes information about the user’s issue and determines the best way to resolve their problem.
• Ensures hardware accessories are functional and usable. Troubleshooting hardware issues is the primary scope of support.


• Skills in Networking, have passed at least CCNA or is already near the certification for CCNA.
• Ability to simplify complex technical terms when assisting end-user and on hand to answer basic to complex technical questions of end-user.
• Good Technical background and knowledge of user account administration (active directory).
• Advanced knowledge of computer hardware.
• Familiarity with network troubleshooting.
• Able to react to change productively and handle other essential task as assigned.
• Ability to read Helpdesk Knowledge based tool and comprehend directions therein in order to remedy minor computer equipment malfunctions.
• Ability to diagnose the cause of a problem in a complex environment and provide effective and immediate resolution.
• Knowledge of methodology to run computer system and to troubleshoot minor computer equipment malfunctions.
• Ability to communicate problems with higher levels of support and/or Supervisor as they become known.
• Willing to work variable shifts including evening, weekends and public holidays.

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