Position Desired: TRAINER

Job Description

The Trainer’s core responsibility is the development of the company’s frontline employees through the conduct of Foundation Skills and other Program-specific Training courses to meet the requirements of the program, its clients, and, ultimately, their customers. The Trainer is equated to a conduit that allows the successful transferring of learning to a target audience by exhibiting adeptness in leading discussions, creating rapport, handling objections, managing difficult behaviors, and using appropriate feedback methods – all for the promotion and enrichment of the employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitude. The Trainer, being at the forefront of employee development, is also tasked to cultivate a culture of excellence amongst employees – all the time, for he is the first representation of the company’s model employee for every new hire


• Facilitate classes for employee competency development
• Review course curricula and provide feedback for continuous improvement
• Ensure Training Quality Guidelines/Processes are followed
• Provide the necessary documentation for all classes facilitated
• Work with the L&D to catalyze improvement with regard to employee personal and professional competency development, and its execution & application
• Verify training effectiveness through observations; conduct audits to validate effectiveness of training and track post training results
• Evaluate classroom feedback to find ways on how to improve class facilitation
• Conduct needs analysis, research and create new training initiatives to strengthen the skill set of Employees
• Design and develop instructional material for training courses that support employee competency development
• Identify gaps and come up with action plans for improvement
• Revise and improve existing materials to keep track with the developmental needs of employee


• 2 years’ work experience as a Trainer
• Has experienced working for Telco either as an agent or trainer
• Familiarity with interactive learning activities
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Additional certification in training is a plus

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