An expert in verifying and endorsing quality sales to the client, and recommending to pull-out or re-work sales that do not pass the set standards.


  • Live or recorded monitoring of agent interactions (both voice and non-voice) ensuring compliance to pre-determined quality and compliance guidelines.

  • Determine and assess if a sale a sale passes or fails the set standards.

  • Confirming that all evaluated transactions are recorded and documented accurately and completely.

  • Confirming that all relevant details relating to pricing, payment, terms and conditions, etc., are clearly delivered by the agent, and understood and accepted by the customer.

  • Reporting of daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales verification summary and observations.

  • Reporting of critical errors to Operations, Training, and HR, and monitor if the concerned party completed the relevant corrective action procedures.

  • Assisting in certifying agents prior to official endorsement to Operations.

  • Collaborating with Operations and Training in developing the technical and soft-skills of agents through coaching sessions, QA orientation, calibration sessions, rewards and recognition projects, etc.

  • Ensuring accuracy of the content of the sales verification reports and evaluations.

  • Participating in process improvement designs related to quality, agent-customer interaction flows, sales verification processes, etc.

  • Identifying trends and opportunities for additional training or corrective action as needed and share feedback with immediate supervisor, Operations and Training.

  • Performing other duties as requested or required by the Quality Manager or Quality Supervisor, including taking in calls and/or providing back office services.


  • Bachelor’s/College degree holder in any field or the equivalent.

  • With at least two years’ experience in the BPO industry.

  • Able to handle more than one campaign or line of business.

  • Keen in identifying opportunities, and providing fact-based analysis and actionable recommendations.

  • Flexible in meeting and exceeding internal and external client deliverables under tight deadlines.

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, or similar applications.

  • Has effective written and spoken communication skills across various audiences.

  • Possess effectual listening, coaching, and motivational skills

  • Can create and generate reports, and conduct basic analysis.

  • Willing to work in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment.

  • Flexible to work in varied shifts and sites.

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