As a Sales Verifier, your role is vital in keeping our customers happy and contributing to our organization’s growth and success.

Job Description

  • Build an informed and engaged frontline employee workforce to ensure we continuously meet the needs of the business and deliver a great customer experience through conducting quality evaluations of customer interactions to identify and address knowledge gaps

  • Conduct quality assurance evaluations for Contact Centre employees to improve the customer experience

  • Maintain the quality evaluation system

  • Be a point of reference for quality evaluations

  • Regularly review and maintain the frontline quality evaluation guidelines and associated tools

  • Contribute to the skills competency assessment process for tenured staff, and speed to competency for new employee

  • Support on boarding of new frontline employees by providing additional coaching and support

  • Help improve the technical competence of our frontline consultants through quality evaluations which identify both strengths and development opportunities

  • Meets the required number of audits

  • Provides accurate judgment on audits

  • Sends critical call notifications and tracks sanctions

  • Provides feedback to agents on their evaluations

  • Attends triad coaching sessions with Team Leaders

  • Attends administrative hearings and deliberations on critical calls

  • Reports agent and call trends to QA Superviso

  • Attends and facilitates calibration sessions

  • Sends calibration minutes and variance report

  • Updates the QA guidelines

  • Sends the daily EOD report

  • May be asked to take in calls as business requires

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