We’re an award-winning global outsourcer providing contact center and back office services on behalf of our global clients. As a Team Lead, your role is vital in keeping our customers and employees happy and contributing to our organization’s growth and success. As Team Lead, you are responsible in ensuring that all employment and personal information of employees are kept and handled in accordance with existing company policies on Information Security and Data Privacy.


  • Quality Monitoring

  • Performance Management

  • Communication

  • Coaching

  • Continuous Improvement

    The preparation of commercial schedules for Seven Network Metro channels as allocated ensuring:
  • ensuring statutory & regulatory compliance including of the Broadcasting Services Act (BSA) and the Australian

    Communications & Media Authority (the ACMA), the regulatory requirements of the Television Industry Code of Practice, the Trade Practices Act and all other relevant industry legislation and Codes of Practice in all activities
  • accurate delivery of booked campaigns, sponsorships and client terms & conditions
  • free of potential credits or makegood claims
  • correct application of Sales and Inventory Management policies to each schedule and transaction
  • maximised revenue potential of each schedule through placement and communication of availabilities

  • Servicing and facilitating Network Sales Teams access to the inventory ensuring:

  • Advanced and post-TX inventory management to create maximum revenue opportunity, and ensure schedule integrity is maintained while reconciling inventory unable to be broadcast.

  • Providing positive contributions to discussion and debate and proactively searching out innovative ways to improve present procedures.

  • Using time effectively, economically and proactively to advance broader team delivery outcomes.

  • Prepare, present and reconcile allocated commercial schedules ensuring classification checks, placement terms & conditions, accuracy, booking requests, fill applications & other Sales and Inventory Management policy compliance

  • Complete all tasks to enable presentation and reconciliation of commercial schedules in line with required deadlines

  • Identify issues regarding relevant Free TV classification guidelines and advise Team Leader/Manager

  • Process prompt and accurate amendments for late schedule changes and forward to relevant Presentation staff

  • Facilitate Sales’ access to schedules in progress or completed to ensure maximised revenue position

  • Monitor and communicate short-term availabilities prior to schedule release to ensure all revenue opportunities are maximized

  • Source and use the current program formats applicable to your allocated channels/markets to maximise inventory availability and revenue potential and to facilitate forward schedule production

  • Actively work ahead with this week/next week inventory management as directed

  • Keep up to date on programming, rating and demand factors impacting the commercial inventory

  • Monitor and reconcile unplaced airtime using the unplaced report for the respective market

  • Process all necessary reports before submitting schedules for finalisation

  • Source and monitor the daily Presentation and Master Control discrepancy reports, ensuring all CI issues relating to your allocated markets are investigated, reconciled and communicated to the affected stakeholders

  • Notify Team Leader or Manager of any issues which might prevent prompt processing of schedules, amendments or debriefs

  • Direct all viewer commercial complaints to the Team Leader or Manager or take contact details if Multichannel CI Supervisor unavailable

  • Work without direct supervision and manage time effectively to achieve broader team goals

  • Punctual, prepared attendance at CI meetings as required

  • People Management

  • Administrative Duties

  • Other Duties


  • Emerging ability as a positive, persuasive, succinct and considerate communicator

  • Emerging leadership qualities – professional mature business approach, capabilities to coach others

  • 2-3 years’ previous experience in a similar role

  • A solid knowledge of the television industry and Seven proprietary software is highly desirable

  • Intermediate level skills with Microsoft Office IT packages – Word, Excel and Outlook

  • Accuracy – a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail when dealing with client advertising campaigns and sponsorship parameters

  • Computer skills – able to learn new software/ information systems readily using existing base skill set

  • Lateral thinking skills – ability to think creatively when solving business problems

  • Communication skills – effectively, positively & professionally formulate communications in line with our core values and objectives of informing and educating

  • Customer focus – Assist Network management, CI and Sales teams to deliver enhanced results for their customers in line with Network objectives

  • Impact and influence – influence others to adopt ideas/products/services that enhance the image, reputation and profitability of the Seven Network

  • Ensure external dealings enhance the image of the Network

  • Ability to understand and work within the Seven Network’s framework of resources – both human and systems.

  • Relate productively with those outside the formal lines of authority to accomplish organisational goals

  • Time management & organisation – ensure that team objectives are accomplished effectively within timeframe

  • Possess and ensure on-going development of strong interpersonal/team skills

  • Possess and ensure on-going development of strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Able to work without supervision to strict deadlines and demonstrate self-motivation

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