As an Acquire BPO employee, you are responsible for complying and enforcing policies and procedure designed to achieve information security. You are also responsible for protecting credit card, personal and/or sensitive personal information that you may handle or process during your employment in Acquire BPO.


  • This position is primarily responsible for coaching agents to ensure compliance on metric standards, monitor continuous improvement of agents by interpreting performance data on a regular basis and ensuring consistent delivery based on the implementations of action plans. You will act as the point of contact between Fundamental Capital and Acquire BPO.

  • Organizes various team building activities

  • Gauges agent’s understanding on program updates

  • Implements rewards and recognition programs

  • Ensures open lines of communication for 2-way information flow between leaders and agents

  • Hosts development planning and goal-setting discussions with agents – Campaign Scorecards and KPI’s

  • Implements PIP for agents exhibiting performance challenges

  • Performs teaching-sessions to improve agent technical skills

  • Provides recommendations for agent promotion

  • Handles escalated calls to ensure customer satisfaction and issue resolution

  • Analyzes performance data and establishes action plans to improve performance

  • Validates QA evaluations

  • Validates Agent Scorecard data

  • Conducts individual goal-setting sessions with agents

  • Reviews and analyzes trending information to develop action plans

  • Conducts weekly / bi-weekly performance reviews and agent development planning discussion

  • In charge of providing accurate information from operations – attendance, FTE requirements, team output, etc.

  • Tracking and Acknowledgement funds, budget and incentives rolled out to the teams

  • Ensures accuracy of submitted attendance record and schedules of the team


  • Business Ethics / Modelling Company Core Values

  • Building and Sustaining a Highly Motivated Team

  • Planning, Organizing and Executing

  • Problem Solving / Decision Making

  • Effective Communication

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