Develop a solid understanding of what is appropriate and inappropriate by reviewing lines if text for Roblox audiences.


  • Develop a solid understanding of what is appropriate and inappropriate for Roblox users.

  • Review lines of text to determine if it is appropriate for the different Roblox audiences (children and older players) and sort the text into predefined categories such as racist, bullying, grooming, profanity, etc.

  • Suggest text that can circumvent the text filter

  • Be able to review and maintain professionalism with all types of potential content. Reviewers will encounter all variety of content, including content that is graphic, violent, explicit, pornographic, or disturbing. Show appropriate judgement in alerting others when encountering content that requires further action

  • Communicate effectively with team members via chat and email


  • Very familiar with: ○ Mainland Chinese culture and Taiwanese culture o Not required but a bonus - Familiar with Cantonese culture ○ Internet and video game culture ○ Modern, Chinese slang and conventions.

  • Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to community safety.

  • Demonstrated passion for excellence with understanding their actions impact not only single users but an entire online community.

  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.

  • Has "thick skin" and be able to maturely and professionally review a wide variety of text.

  • Strong self-organization, decision making and analytical abilities.

  • Strong detail orientation and communication/listening skills.

  • Possess a strong work ethic and team player mentality.

  • Ability to work 3 hours overlapping with California office hours.

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