As Team Leader you will be primarily responsible for coaching agents to ensure compliance on metric standards, monitor continuous improvement of agents by interpreting performance data on a regular basis and ensuring consistent delivery based on the implementations of action plans.


  • Communicates program and company information Removes barriers affecting ability of team to collaborate Provides feedback on corrective actions implemented based on employee suggestions Participates in corporate employee program initiatives Aids in designing rewards and recognition activities Promotes 2-way information flow Mentoring Team Leaders, Sales Coach and OIC’s through formal channels. Conducts regular evaluation as well as coaching sessions improve individual and team performance. Aids to execute competency appraisal system of the campaign and the company Actions issues identified from the performance reports Assists in selection of agents to be promoted to future leadership posts Ensures team’s systems, tools and equipment in working order Responsible in tracking, updating, and maintaining accurate performance reports and scorecards of agents and teams. Ensures program has adequate trained staff Enforces Schedule Compliance and staffing Actions issues identified from performance reports Observes coaching sessions between agents and leaders Complying and enforcing standard program and company policies and procedures. In charge of providing accurate information from operations – attendance, FTE requirements, team output, etc Managing program funds, budget and incentives with the guidance of the account manager Ensures accuracy of submitted attendance record and schedules of the program Answers calls in order to understand all issues and be able to assist agents on all calls Responsible for specific processes and approvals to be conducted during calls that specific to the TL role

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