An Instructional Learning Designer has the initiative and the ability to create, design, and develop learning solutions that address and satisfy business and organizational needs. You research industry trends, understands end-user demands, and foresees incoming business developments. In such, an Instructional Learning Designer is expected to periodically enhance employee development approaches through various learning platforms and styles. You maintain collaboration with stakeholders, Operations and other Support functions to guarantee material relevance and applicability. You also ensure that the training materials developed meet set global competency standards and satisfy adult learning principles and needs.


  • Writes and prepares storyboards and test banks, and prepares narration scripts

  • Conceptualizes and designs computer-based and instructor-led training materials, within the branding standards and competency framework of the company

  • Designs and develops appropriate interactivity for lessons

  • Maintains and administers a learning management system and an online workspace in consultation with the Projects & Improvement e-learning manager

  • Works with the delivery team to ensure the quality and accuracy of lessons and content

  • Establishes and maintains timelines for Change & Capability projects for both planned and non-planned programs of work

  • Coordinates efforts to ensure timely and accurate completeness of final product

  • Reviews final product for physical presentation and intelligibility to ensure quality

  • Maintains and updates master copies of all documentation and adheres to version control scheme and documentation inventory on all computer based training modules

  • Creates and updates existing computer-based, frontline, classroom and leadership training & resources

  • Considers feedback for module improvement

  • Administers and facilitates different CMS and LMS sites for Training

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