As Team Leader, you are responsible in ensuring that all employment and personal information of employees are kept and handled in accordance with existing company policies on Information Security and Data Privacy.


  • Organizes various team building activities

  • Gauges agent’s understanding on program updates

  • Implements rewards and recognition programs

  • Ensures open lines of communication for 2-way information flow between leaders and agents

  • Hosts development planning and goal-setting discussions with agents – Campaign Scorecards and KPI’s

  • Implements PIP for agents exhibiting performance challenges

  • Performs teaching-sessions to improve agent technical skills

  • Provides recommendations for agent promotion

  • Handles escalated calls to ensure customer satisfaction and issue resolution

  • Researches answers to difficult questions posted by agents

  • Analyzes performance data and establishes action plans to improve performance

  • Validates QA evaluations

  • Validates Agent Scorecard data

  • Conducts individual goal-setting sessions with agents

  • Reviews and analyzes trending information to develop action plans

  • Conducts weekly / bi-weekly performance reviews and agent development planning discussion

  • In charge of providing accurate information from operations – attendance, FTE requirements, team output, etc

  • Tracking and Acknowledgement funds, budget and incentives rolled out to the teams

  • Ensures accuracy of submitted attendance record and schedules of the team


  • Have experience in the field of technology

  • Professional experience as a Team Leader in a call center environment

  • Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills in English

  • Be proficient and experienced in Windows workstation and server environments

  • Strong Leadership skills

  • Good Problem-solving/decision making skills

  • Prior experience in the SaaS industry is a plus

  • Prior consultant experience in assisting customers to utilize software effectively

  • Knowledge of Mac OS workstation and server environments

  • Command prompt and terminal command knowledge

  • Have other related medical software and/or technology experience

  • Business Ethics / Modelling Company Core Values

  • Building and Sustaining a Highly Motivated Team

  • Planning, Organizing and Executing

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