The Customer Care Team Leader has the responsibility to ensure that ‘every contact counts’. They do this by coaching and developing the performance of team members and executing necessary actions for their motivation when required. Using effective communication skills, Customer Care Team Leaders must translate the company’s purpose, values and vision to the frontline. A Team leader is knowledgeable and should have familiarity of all products, procedures, policies and reporting. Customer Care Team Leaders identify issues and solutions for continuous improvement of nib’s business performance.


  • Communication Actively listening and communicating with others using speech, written word and body language appropriate to the context and audience.

  • Continuous Improvement & Change Applying knowledge and demonstrating behaviours which embrace change and improve customer experience

  • Planning, Prioritising & Decision Making Managing work though effective prioritisation, preparation and organisation and making timely and well informed decisions

  • People Leadership Leading teams and individuals effectively to enable nib to achieve its business objectives

  • Financial Leadership & Commercial Acumen Applying financial and business knowledge and staying in touch with wider economic trends

  • Strategic & Systems Thinking Taking the ‘big picture’ approach and understanding how all parts of the business work together and applying that knowledge to help nib achieve its business goals

  • Coaching & Developing Others Developing the abilities of others to perform and contribute to the organisation by providing feedback and opportunities to learn through formal and informal methods

  • Cultural Competence Demonstrating respect and understanding of a range of attitudes, beliefs and traditions and applying this to interactions with others

  • Customer Focus Making customers and their needs a primary focus of one’s actions, developing and sustaining productive customer relationships

  • Teamwork Working within a team environment, cooperating with others, considering the needs of others and helping others within the team to achieve shared objectives.

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