Contact prospects who have responded to the campaign and have shown a high level of interest. They use the information on the prospects’ initial responses to ask questions about their needs and timeline for buying. They ask prospects if they would like to arrange a meeting with a sales representative or a consultant and fix a time. They then pass the qualified leads to the field sales team to follow up, maintain contact and build relationships. They have good interpersonal skills to build a rapport with their contacts.


  • Strategically researching/identifying potential client contacts, generating leads, and uncovering high-value opportunities for Windstream Existing and New Customers.

  • Build and cultivate prospect relationships by initiating communications and conducting follow-up communications as necessary in support of sales.

  • Communicating Windstream’s new products to existing/new clients in an impactful way and demonstrating why a meeting with their Windstream Account Manager would be beneficial to their business

  • Driving business through outbound phone calls, preparing and sending strategic e-mails to prospective clients specific to their business or legal needs

  • Successfully diagnosing the client’s key business needs to ensure a high quality of interaction in the first sales meeting

  • Manage data for new and prospective clients in Salesforce, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate and documents are attached.

  • Supporting Sales in all aspects of the sales cycle, including scheduling follow-up meetings and managing the pipelines of completed meetings to ensure all prospective clients are being contacted throughout the year


  • Excellent in customer service.

  • With excellent English communication, listening and organizational skills.

  • Goal and action orientation, with a sense of urgency, drive, and commitment to routinely exceed monthly activity metrics

  • Tenacity and resilience with a will to keep going despite rejections

  • Exemplary service ethic when contributing to individual and team goals

  • Highly persuasive verbal communication skills, and excellent written communication skills

  • Able to solve problems and work under minimal supervision.

  • Adept in learning new workflows and tasks.

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